Saturday, 20 July 2013

Science and Art of Living

Over the last decade, India has warmed up to alternative medicine. It is a process of healing in which, a set of practices when followed, have the same healing affect on a person's life, as does traditional medicine.

While traditional medicine still has its own set of followers, however, over the last decade, people in India have opened up to alternate treatment methods. Science of Art and Living, is one such splendid example. Science and Art of Living (SAAOL), established by Dr. Bimal Chajjer in 1994, after an extensive 10 years of practice and research he put into the study and understanding Non Invasive or Preventive Cardiology in India.

SAAOL is now credited as the most comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation and reversal program in India. With the cardiac disorders on the rise, this heart centre was set up with the purpose of reducing and reversing the risk of heart diseases by advocating a complete change in lifestyle. Dr. Chajjer along with his team of expert, suggest various natural methods like diet modification, exercise, meditation, stress management, yoga etc. for a healthy heart. SAAOL works by empowering people with the ability to take up the primary responsibility for a healthier lifestyle choice by self monitoring their activities. In today's world where stress is high and time is less, hundreds of patients all over the country would vouch for Life the SAAOL way.

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