Monday, 19 August 2013

Dr. Chajjer on Alternative Medicine

Dr. Bimal Chajjer is a beacon in the medical world in India. As the pioneer of non-invasive cardiac treatment Dr. Chajjer set up the first alternate heart care centre, SAAOL (Science and Art of Living), first in Delhi, which later expanded to various other cities and has successfully treated hundreds of patients since.

Apart from the treatment facility, Dr. Chajjer has also written several books, which elaborate methods to counter and prevent heart disorders by managing stress, maintaining a healthy diet, losing weight etc. These books are available in various languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil etc. He has proposed and propagated many concepts that have struck a chord with his followers – Zero Oil Concept and Natural Bypass Therapy, being some of the most popular ones. The Zero Oil concept also followed in the SAAOL treatment centre helps reduce the risk of heart attacks by removing cholesterol and triglycerides from cooked food. Food is cooked in water instead of oil and the presence of spices ensures that the taste and color of the food remains intact. In Natural Bypass Therapy a machine is used to develop parallel channels to supply additional blood to the heart. This procedure is repeated for about 30 one hour sessions, to remove blockages in the path of the blood supply, ensuring a healthy heart.

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